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Carpet cleaning in SW3 Chelsea

Carpet cleaning

There is hardly a home in SW3 district without carpets and rugs. Actually these home decor elements are very important and have various functions. Though, one thing is absolutely mandatory - your carpets must be maintained in flawless hygienic condition. Most housekeepers clean their rugs via hoovering, but this method is definitely superficial. Washing of the carpet is possible, but eventually residual moisture may cause mould and structural damage. Therefore, professional carpet cleaning is recommended and even compulsory if you want awesome final results.

If you’re located here in SW3 area, you can take advantage of our convenient and super efficient Chelsea carpet cleaning service. It’s conducted by our perfectly trained, insured and vetted Chelsea carpet cleaners via specialised, high-tech equipment. There is no need to explain to you that you can’t compare the gorgeous outcome, achieved by our skillful specialists, with your results.

Contact us on 020 3670 9809 and schedule your appointment for our professional Chelsea carpet cleaning service in SW3 district!

Ensure yourself our innovative Chelsea carpet cleaning techniques, complied with the fabric!

If you try to manage on your own, you can't achieve deep disinfecting of the carpet fibres. If you trust our experienced Chelsea carpet cleaning company, you will have your rugs comprehensively disinfected inside out. There is no point in postponing and hesitating, because our diligent Chelsea carpet cleaners will do a wonderful job. Learn more about our advantageous Chelsea carpet cleaning techniques, complied with the material:

Carpet service
  • Steam cleaning - this deep and super efficient procedure is executed by our high-tech, water-powering machine with the name Ninja. Before the start of the steam Chelsea carpet cleaning process, the rug will be thoroughly hoovered and afterwards some persistent spots will be pretreated with the proper, non-toxic detergent. And here we begin, a special mixture of very hot water and efficient, harmless cleaning agent will be sprinkled into the carpet fibres under high pressure. Thus filth, clutter and microbes are released and removed. Final steam-heat extraction is the best ending. This Chelsea carpet cleaning methodology prevents wear and tear and it restores the initial colours of the fabric.
  • Dry cleaning - our biodegradable and absorbent, dry detergent will bring back the impeccable hygienic appearance of your filthy and stained delicate rugs. Don’t bother for the structure of your decorative, antique and natural carpet materials, because our dry Chelsea carpet cleaning methodology is very reliable. Our specially designed Host Reliant machinery will rub the cleanser into the fabric without need of moisturising. The chemical reaction between the embedded dust and bacteria and the rubbed cleanser is harmless and after the final vacuuming, the carpet is hygienic and fresh.

Putting up with dirty and stained rugs is not an issue, so ensure yourself our professional and affordable Chelsea carpet cleaning service, available in the entire SW3 area. And the cherry on top - ask our expert Chelsea carpet cleaners to apply Scotchgard Protector on your already thoroughly disinfected carpet fabrics in order to keep them flawless as long as possible.

Contact us on 020 3670 9809 and take your free quote for convenient Chelsea carpet cleaning service, delivered on site!