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Carpet Cleaning In London

Carpet cleaning

You should agree that carpets bring a unique feel of cosiness and comfort to any property. However, having carpeting at home requires a duty you should perform every now and then. Deep cleaning of the fabric is essential in order to keep the indoor air quality level good. This is not the only reason why you should carry out a thorough cleaning procedure occasionally. If you fail to do that, your carpet may quickly lose its good looks and start looking dull and unpresentable. What should you do if you don't own the necessary equipment needed for such process? Your smartest option is to rely on our cleaning company. Our carpet cleaners are ready to serve in London and the surrounding community residents providing them with service of utmost quality of cleaning at nothing but the most reasonable price.

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Why Hire Our London Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaning service

A common mistake that many homeowners do is to rent a cleaning machine and try performing the procedure by themselves. However, this is very risky as they can easily damage the fabric not having the right know-how and experience in performing such tasks. Are you willing to achieve mediocre results instead of leaving this job to the experts in the field? Our London carpet cleaners are professional, respectable and polite and we pride ourselves on the commitment to our clients to ensure that we meet your cleaning needs.

Two Different Cleaning Approaches – The Same Immaculate Results

Our carpet technicians apply two different methods. They choose the more suitable one depending on the nature of your carpet fibres. After an initial inspection the first step of both of the methods is to remove as much dry soil as possible. Below you will find some more details about the procedures. Both of them are carried out on-site for your convenience.

  • Steam cleaning – this alternative is also known as a hot-water-extraction method. Hot water is sprayed into the carpet fibres and vacuumed up immediately. The dirt is being suspended by the water together with the cleaning detergent loosening the filth particles. This procedure is appropriate for carpets of synthetic fibres which are not water-sensitive. After that water and the collected dirt are vacuumed altogether leaving your carpeting fresh and sanitised. The usual drying time is about a couple of hours but it also depends on the humidity levels of the room, air temperature and airflow.
  • Dry cleaning – this option is suitable for carpet made of natural fibres such as jute, wool and seagrass. A chemical harmless compound is applied onto the carpet and then scrubbed away together with the dirt. The dry detergent attracts germs and filth and is then easily vacuumed off with a powerful machine. This method is good if the carpet needs to be used right away as there is almost no moisture used during the process.

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